oil filter

Introducing oil filter

Air filters remove dust and sand in the air, and provide clean air for the engine to burn gasoline. The photographs above show the previous and the following comparisons to match the distance traveled (the travel distance is for reference purposes). Please refer to your owner’s manual for the appropriate replacement time.

Product image capacity

It is impossible to burn effectively if the air filter is blocked, preventing the supply of enough air to the engine, which can lead to poor fuel efficiency and engine performance. If traveling on dusty roads or when leaving your vehicle in serious use for a long time, please check the filter regularly and replace it if necessary. In addition, replacing air filters regularly will help extend the life of the engine and reduce costs. When the air filter is dirty, please replace it with a genuine filter or an equivalent R-MAX filter.

Our results and comparisons

The use of poor quality prostheses can lead to dust entering the engine. The photos above show the test results made using the R-MAX products and prosthetic devices available in the market. Prosthetics cannot catch all the dust and dust that cannot penetrate through the filter into the engine.
The use of prostheses causes piston rings and pistons to wear faster, which can cause abnormal engine noise and poor performance.

We recommend that the R-MAX product is equivalent to the genuine parts used so you don’t have to worry and be comfortable on the ride.